Apr 11

St. Stanislaus – April 11

Stanislaus was born of noble parents on July 26th at Szczepanow near Cracow, Poland. He was educated at Gnesen and was ordained there. He was given a canonry by Bishop Lampert Zula of Cracow, who made him his preacher, and soon he became noted for his preaching. He became a much sought after spiritual adviser. …

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Apr 08

Divine Mercy Sunday

We’re almost up to Divine Mercy Sunday. It’s a recent addition to the Church’s calendar, and it has links to both private revelation and the Bible. Millions of people look forward to and are profoundly moved by this day. What is it, and why is it so important to them? Here are 9 things you need to know. 1. …

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Mar 29

Good Friday

Mar 26

Easter Schedule

+ Confession + Wednesday, March 28 7:00-8:30pm  + Holy Thursday, March 29 + Mass of the Lord’s Supper 7:00pm (no morning Mass) Adoration after the Mass to 10:00pm + Good Friday, March 30 + Lord’s Passion 3:00pm (no morning Mass) + Holy Saturday, March 31 + Easter Vigil Blessing of the Easter baskets 10:00am, 12:00pm …

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Mar 24

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is the final Sunday of Lent, the beginning of Holy Week, and commemorates the triumphant arrival of Christ in Jerusalem, days before he was crucified. Palm Sunday is known as such because the faithful will often receive palm fronds which they use to participate in the reenactment of Christ’s arrival in Jerusalem. In …

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Mar 23

Pope Francis’ Message for Palm Sunday

Here is the Vatican-provided text of the message Pope Francis sent to young people of the world on the occasion of the 33rd World Youth Day, to be celebrated at diocesan level on 25 March 2018, Palm Sunday, on the theme, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favour with God” (Lk 1: 30). …

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Mar 19

Paschal Triduum/Easter

Holy Week is the most solemn and glorious week in Christianity, the pinnacle of the liturgical year.  It is more sacred than Christmas! This is because Holy Week commemorates the final week of Our Lord’s life, the very purpose for which Christmas happened. Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday (when Jesus made his final entrance …

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Mar 19

Saint Joseph, Husband of Mary (March 19)

The Bible pays Joseph the highest compliment: he was a “just” man. The quality meant a lot more than faithfulness in paying debts. When the Bible speaks of God “justifying” someone, it means that God, the all-holy or “righteous” one, so transforms a person that the individual shares somehow in God’s own holiness, and hence …

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Mar 13

Pope Francis 5th Anniversary

On March 13, 2018, we celebrate five years since Pope Francis was first elected

Mar 10

Mid-Lent Joy

As the season of Lent goes by, and as we continue our individual penitential practices, we notice that more and more parts of our divine worship are being taken away. The flowers and decorations in the sanctuary have been removed, the Alleluia replaced, the Gloria eliminated from the liturgy. On Holy Thursday night, the altar …

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